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Biking in and around Houston

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Recent rides... [Nov. 4th, 2008|10:40 pm]
Biking in and around Houston

a few weekends ago was my first Moonlight Ramble.  it was a lot of fun.  next year i will be dressing up.  and leaving the husband at home.  ugh. it was too friggin cold - i have no cool/cold weather gear for my riding yet.  holy crap that sucked! we did the ride on our moountain bikes (i have a commuter that would have made more sense, but figured i would take the mountain bike out anyway). i was warned away from the ride by "seasoned" riders....by seasoned i mean dicks that think they know everything.  glad i didnt listen!  realized i need a GOOD light for trail riding.  i thought the commuter light would work, but it doesnt make sense that i would use it for commuting and riding the dirt when they might happen during the same day and the battery has a ~9hr charge time when used for max time.

last weekend (saturday night) i did the Day of the Dead ride with Bike Barn.  about 500 folks showed up...it was neat!  the idea of stopping at haunted cemeteries was definitely interesting...too bad there were too many people and not enough tour guides (500 riders to 1 guide!), so it was hard to get any information or see anything too terribly neat.  also having a mariachi band play without them blaring in my ears while i am trying to eat dinner at a mexican place was awesome.  haha.  i took the commuter on this one since it has the better light.  MUCH more comfortable!  unfortunately, my light only works for about 1h45m, so i had to ride a few miles without a headlight.  i got the light super cheap from a guy over at theanthills.com.  it works well for my commutes (1hr max) and was dirt friggin cheap.  like, 10 bucks for a light that sells new for 400+ cheap.  yay.

oh, and i made a new friend on the ride.  its creepy how alike we are....really.

Also did a GHORBA Mountain Bike Skills clinic on saturday at Memorial.  last time the clinic came around i was actually using the commuter (del sol hybrid) to ride the trails....needless to say the drills were MUCH easier on a real mountain bike!  i did have one instance of stopping on an incline and not being able to un-clip my pedals in time.  I ended up pulling myself to the left, which resulted in my right b00b contacting my right bar-end on the way down.  OUCH!  I heard a crack, but it turned out to be the other end of my handlebar hitting a rock or something....my brake lever was wedged out (almost all the way!) and i had to pop it back in.  oh, and its not in a J shape instead of closer to an I.  Yay.  the brake seems to function fine....my b00b is covered by bruise on like 30%....and for anyone that might know me - you know that is a HUGE friggin bruise.  gah.  one of my coworkers asked if we had to have an intervention when she saw my bruise - it looks like the husband beat me...i laughed it off, but i guess some of the more sensitive folks might actually think that is the case instead of believing the "i fell off my bike" (well, i *landed* on my bike in this case) stories....

ahh well - we shall see.

any decent stories out there?

in somewhat related news - anyone able to get in to the BP MS 150 registration?  closed in 7 hours....crazy!
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Moonlight Ramble [Oct. 13th, 2008|03:21 pm]
Biking in and around Houston


Anyone doing the Houston Moonlight Bicycle Ramble?  What sort of crowd should I expect if I go?  I usually do critical mass every month...so i'm used to that style, is it similar?

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Allo. [Sep. 24th, 2008|09:34 am]
Biking in and around Houston

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Created this community because I think there is a decent interest in cycling around Houston as a whole.  There are a few places to get information, but I know a HUGE amount of people read LJ, so I wanted to create an outlet here as well.

My intro:  I commute on bike to work on most days.  It is about 9 miles one-way and takes me about 45 minutes on average.  Most of the route is on the paved paths of the Braes Bayou hike/bike trail, so it is definitely not as stressful to ride in as it could be.
I also *love* to ride the dirt.  I have a Motobecane Fantom 29er that I ride often at either Memorial Park or The Anthills.  We haven't ventured too far outside of the city for trails, but will probably do so soon.

websites of interest:
www.GHORBA.org - Greater Houston Off Road Biking Association
www.theanthills.com - website (including forum) for The Anthills

those are the two I frequent, though I do occassionally check out a couple of others.

Post about your rides (current and past) and especially if you want new riding buddies!!
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